I grew up by the sea in Dubai. At eighteen I went to study design in London where I got into cycling and making books. I drank diet coke and thought that calorie counting and incessant cardio were the answers to good health. 

A little while after that I started following the paleo diet. I'm sure my body was healthier inside but I was yet to find balance of mind. Perhaps in part because I was not following my true calling which was to work with food. 

Some years later I lived a few months in New York. I rented a room with no windows, yet my life was full of light. I took 6 hour walks to try and take it all in and realised inadvertently, the benefits of long, slow exercise. When winter came I never left the kitchen and soon after returned to Dubai to go to culinary school. 

Immediately after this I went to apprentice at a fine dining restaurant in San Francisco. Despite feeling disconnected to the fine dining scene, I will always be grateful for the discipline and work ethic drilled into me there, even if I did get reprimanded for scooping ice too loudly. 

Upon leaving San Francisco I moved to rural Argentina where I worked as a chef on a horse ranch. I learned how to hatch abandoned chicken eggs in my room, make kombucha and be alone. 

After the farm, I moved to Buenos Aires where bee pollen is everywhere but no one has heard of almond butter or plain yoghurt. A giant jasmine bush growing over the balcony edge. 

Despite, or perhaps due to all the travelling, finally, I am finding balance. The paleo lifestyle is what resonates with me most strongly and has certainly played a large part in getting me to where I am now. However, I am not dogmatic about it and therefore I hope there will be something on my site for everyone. 

Be well,