Forever in awe of the beauty, sensitivity and complexity of the human body…I aim to share nutritional information, recipes and movement philosophies that inspire and empower people to re-align with the innate wisdom and health that already exists within them. 



My ten year path to this point wasn't at all linear. I did my undergrad in design at Central Saint Martins in London, however, my interest always centred around health and wellness.

I later went to culinary school and found that cooking bridges the between wellness and creativity; you create to nourish! This has always been exciting for me. 

After culinary school I apprenticed at a fine dining restaurant in San Francisco. Working there taught me a lot about discipline, however, I craved something more grounding. I moved to Argentina to work at a horse and cattle ranch that was also a boutique hotel. The focus for this year was on how our food is grown.

Upon returning to Dubai, my home town, I worked as a pastry chef in two different health food cafes. I believe that people shouldn't feel they are sacrificing taste to be healthy. Creating desserts from whole foods ingredients plays a part in that. 

In order to deepen my understanding of how food interacts with the body I went on to train as a nutritional therapist. I now combine this knowledge with my culinary background to empower people on their bioindividual path to total body wellness.